Garfield Primary School

Project outline

Enfield Council commissioned Murphy to build a new primary school to allow for three-form entry for each year group.

Murphy laid the foundations and built the substructure for the new school. The team also carried out external works ready for the pre-fabricated modular buildings, which were constructed off site by the contractor.

During the project, Murphy helped to relocate staff and pupils so that the main area of the existing school could be demolished and rebuilt.

Key challenges

One of the main challenges of the project was working in a fully-operational school with staff and pupils on site.

Garfield Primary School is also in a built-up residential area. Up to 35 lorries carrying soil and concrete visited each day, which was logistically very demanding. The Murphy team constantly monitored the traffic to ensure ease of access and the safety of everyone on site.

It was critical for Murphy to complete the substructure on time so that it would be ready for when the modular units were delivered. ‘Setting out’ had to be perfect to allow the units to be easily placed on site. This was achieved and the project finished on time.

Project delivery and innovations

The Murphy team identified risks before the project began, which meant solutions could be found and implemented. The team also worked closely with supply chain partners to make sure key milestones were met. Progress was monitored on a daily basis to identify any issues and strategies were put into place immediately to recover any lost time.

Value engineering was of high importance on this project, and Murphy used various methods and techniques to monitor and control costs. This led to considerable savings for our client while making sure the building work was still compliant and to a high standard.

The team used alternative equivalent materials within the design to make savings. This was achieved by minimising sheet piling to reduce excessive noise and vibration to the classrooms, and by changing to battered excavations to access newly formed concrete walls.

Murphy also gave the client updated final account forecasts and cash flows with every valuation to keep them fully informed of the project finances.

Key facts

  • Murphy laid the foundations, built the substructure and carried out external works
  • The team took a phased approach to keep the school running while work was taking place.

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Garfield Primary School

Garfield Primary School


Enfield Council


Enfield, London

Completion Date

March 2017



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