Project outline 

The Infrastructure Alliance (IA) was formed in April 2015 and delivers planned and reactive operational support for Thames Water (TW) water networks, under a five-year £1bn contract. The Infrastructure Alliance is made up of Thames Water and two joint ventures: Murphy & Morrison Utility Services JV (Agility) and Kier Clancy Docwra JV (KCD). Agility is co-located at the Murphy Kentish Town office, in London.

The IA is responsible for:

  • Maintaining and improving a 21,000-mile network of water mains
  • Keeping ten million customers in supply
  • Providing ‘developer services’ guidance and support for new development projects.

We provide a more stable, durable and reliable service for Thames Water customers. We support and adopt Thames Water’s commitment to delivering excellent customer service. Through our developer services, we also protect wastewater assets and manage the quality of all street works.

Key challenges 

It was challenging to integrate the teams from both businesses. Our Cultural Development Programme (CDP) was instrumental in bringing people and organisations together to form a fully cohesive and integrated operational team.

Another challenge is managing the many stakeholders we work with across London, including Transport for London, local authorities, and other utilities companies.

Over the last few years, our main operational challenge has been to meet Thames Water’s leakage targets. In 2018/19, we delivered the largest amount of leakage work in Thames Water’s history. We are also on target to break that record again in 2019/20.

Working alongside our IA partners, we will help to make Thames Water the leading water company in the UK. We hope to achieve this through robust management, determined execution, and full accountability.

Project delivery/ innovation

We operate a number of Thames Water services, including Repair and Maintenance (R&M), Developer Services (DS) & Major Programmes. We also deliver Minor Capital Works, Lead Pipe Replacement (LPR) & Trunk Main Leakage (TML). Overall, our operational delivery team is made up of more than 800 employees.

Innovations we have undertaken include:

  • Shared resources teams to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Power BI, an Integrated a business analytics tool that provides an interactive, visual and intelligent solution to viewing and sharing data
  • Increased use of Air Picks, which resulted in excess of 40% reduction in utility asset damage since 2017.
Key facts

We provide a 24/7 service to Thames Water, covering all aspects of their clean water network. The work includes customer-generated repairs, network-driven repairs, visible leakage or active leakage repairs.

Every year, Agility delivers half of:

  • 80,000 repairs
  • 16,000 clean water connections
  • 90km new water mains laid
  • 6km of pipework diverted
  • 45,000 approvals for sewer connections
  • £20m of major construction projects for developers
  • >100,000 excavations

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