Our values reflect our purpose, our priorities and the way in which we conduct ourselves. They define what it means to work at Murphy, regardless of where we work or what we do.

One family, one team, one murphy - We work collaboratively to provide a seamless, integrated service to our clients. 

Always deliver - Our ‘can do’ attitude means that we aspire to deliver all our projects on time, on budget and to a high quality. 

Integrity & respect - We conduct business in a transparent, honest and professional manner. We act with integrity and are trusted by all our stakeholders. 

Never harm - We protect people, the environment and communities, no matter where we are or what we are doing. 

Continually improve - Innovation is integral to our success and we look to make improvements in all aspects of our work. We continuously strive to improve. 

Strategic drivers 

Our five strategic drivers provide a clear focus for the coming years on where we need to improve. They have been instigated to address the challenges we face today and to set us apart from the crowd in the future. 

Dependable project management - Effective planning, execution and review of project delivery.

Win-win relationships - Actively develop trusted relationships with our customers.

Passionate about direct - Make best use of all of our capabilities to stand out from the crowd.

Better engineered - Provide solutions that are smarter, safer, faster. and right first time.

Fit to start - Nothing will start until we are properly ready and fully prepared.

Murphy at 75 Strategy 2023

The Murphy ACORN Awards

Our annual recognition scheme celebrates all our employees based in Ireland, Canada and UK. The awards recognise our people who live and breathe our values.

There are be six awards – one for each of our values and a ‘Golden Acorn’ award which will be selected from all the nominations by our chairperson.

​​​​​​​Why is it called ACORN Awards?

ACORN is an acronym of the first letters of each of our values. The symbol of the Acorn is to highlight how small every day behaviours can have a big impact on a team, community, the environment and the whole of Murphy. 

ACORN categories
East Anglia Project One summer programme.

Culture Development Programme

Our Culture Development Programme offers a range of engagement sessions that educate the business on the Murphy culture and values. The Programme has been an integral part of Murphy since 2010, where the focus began with behavioural safety and our Never Harm value.

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