Our 'One Murphy' self-delivery approach demonstrates to our clients that we can deliver a safe, reliable and cost-effective service.

Our approach not only incorporates our commitment to health and safety, but also emcompasses our industry innovations, sustainable practices and our commitment to the community.

We actively encourage our employees to share their ideas through our Innovation Foundation and look at better ways of getting the job done. These ideas have been put into good use on our projects, helping us to make our services safer and more efficient.

Our approach has been refined over the last 65 years and we still have a long way to go. However, we believe that working together with our clients, suppliers and partners is the key to delivering world-class infrastructure.

There's more to Murphy.

Our capabilities

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    Was the year Murphy 'won gold' to construct the Olympic Park

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    Engineers, professional managers and skilled operatives around the world

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    John Murphy (founder) was elected as Fellow by the Institute of Gas Engineers