Industry leaders in Pipeline & related testing

PTS predominantly serve the energy and water sector, operating in upstream, midstream, and downstream for oil production, transport, and distribution for gas in the UK and internationally.

What we do

We provide validation for pipeline and pressure installations, such as pre-commissioning, commissioning, controlled bolting, drying, pigging, Hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing along with Chlorination and flushing of water mains. Over the past 40 years, we have built an extensive portfolio of experience in the water and energy sector. In addition to performing standard pipeline tasks, such as pipeline cleaning, gauge pigging flushing and operational pigging, we also offer many other specialist services that are cost-effective and environmentally aware. This includes helping monitor water usage, reducing emissions and avoiding contaminations.

What makes us different

We distinguish ourselves from other pipe testing service providers through our expertise, tailored approach to each project and adoption of our ‘One Murphy’ value.

With our extensive background in pipeline testing, we aim to be at the very forefront of the industry. We are always looking to provide cost effective and innovative solutions for our clients. For example, we can produce bespoke pigging solutions to overcome particular system constraints and challenges. PTS has the capability to have remote witnessing of pressure testing, this service is key when looking at a reduction in travel by clients and also reduces the environmental impact aiding to a green approach when testing.

Combined with our commitments to safety, quality, reliability and sustainability, we pride ourselves as a key service provider that goes above and beyond what is expected. For our accreditations and industry memberships, please view our page here.

  • Pipeline Testing Services in Beattock.
    Pipeline Testing Services in Beattock.
Notable projects

We have acted as advisors, consultancy and operators on many notable projects, such as the Harefield 36” utility diversions project for Cadent.

We work confidently in large and complex compressor stations such as Peterborough and Huntingdon for National Grid. Testing multiple systems while maintaining “sim-ops” throughout the site.

We have a varied order book, undertaking such tasks as displacement of fuel via pigging technique for the OPA at Gosport, varying to work for Storengy Gas Storage (SGS), which included hydrostatic and the desiccant drying of gas flowlines.