Welding solutions for the energy sector and beyond

Murphy Specialist Welding Services (SWS) is a frontrunner in its industry. We provide project services to the energy sector, the external piping fabrication and specialist welding markets throughout the UK, Ireland and Canada. Among our specialisms are welding engineering, material engineering and non-destructive testing (NDT).

Our base and fabrication site in Leeds is the perfect platform from which to carry out these activities. It features 1,800 square metres of welding space, huge lifting capacity and our own painting and pressure testing facilities. Our impressive in-house capabilities allow us to easily collaborate with other Murphy sectors and provide clients with a turnkey welding solution.

What we do

SWS works closely with its clients, from the initial planning process to implementation, so we can effectively deliver a service that meets their needs. Our capabilities are extensive and include services such as:

  • Piping fabrication
  • Dimensional Survey of spools
  • Pipeline front-end welding
  • Pipeline back-end welding
  • Skid unit
  • Pressure reduction stations
  • Pre-heater arrangements
  • Welding engineering
  • Material engineering
  • QA/QC Inspection
  • Technical authority consultancy liaison (PED, WPQR & WQT)

We are always investing in new welding technologies and semi-automating processes to improve our efficiency and product quality. In 2018, we invested in Miller RMD equipment, pipe facing machinery and laser spooling scanning, which facilitates more precise welding and measurements for every spool.

What makes us different

Our fabrication site and extensive in-house capabilities allow us to maintain the highest levels of quality. We rely primarily on Murphy expertise, keeping contractors to a minimum. This is something few other welding service providers can offer.

Our focus on in-house talent also supports our investment in workplace safety, helping to ensure everyone who works on a Murphy project is sufficiently trained. Our workstations embody our ‘Never Harm’ value by featuring the safest and most efficient equipment.

  • Dedicated fabrication facility in Leeds.
    Dedicated fabrication facility in Leeds.
  • Welding.
  • Loading pipes.
    Loading pipes.
  • Pipes in the fabrication facility.
    Pipes in the fabrication facility.

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