A leading supplier in plant, transport and equipment

Murphy Plant is one of the largest providers of plant, transport and equipment in the UK.

We have a broad range of equipment including specialist assets for ground engineering, pipeline testing, tunnelling, rail and more. We adopt a ‘One Murphy’ approach in supporting Murphy projects with our vehicle fleets, including one of the UK’s newest and most comprehensive crawler crane fleets. Murphy Plant delivers a plant hire service that is simple, safe, efficient and reliable.

What we do

We manage and maintain more than £100 million worth of plant, transport and specialist equipment and our work spans multiple industries. Our inventory includes over 15,000 assets including that range from small tools to piling rigs.

We invest heavily in our fleets, which helps keep our assets up to date and improves efficiency. Many key Murphy projects have benefitted from the new and innovative equipment we have invested in. For example, the ‘T-Vac’ vacuum excavator was vital in helping excavate congested underground sites in the ongoing Crossrail project.

  • Enviornmentally-friendly hybrid equipment.
    Enviornmentally-friendly hybrid equipment.
  • Range of eco-hybrid vans.
    Range of eco-hybrid vans.
  • Staff in the Kentish Town workshop.
    Staff in the Kentish Town workshop.
  • Range of small tools owned by Murphy Plant.
    Range of small tools owned by Murphy Plant.
  • Our range of fleet.
    Our range of fleet.
What makes us different

Early engagement - We ensure clients are satisfied through our transparent service dashboards and early client engagement. We aim to be involved from the very beginning of a project, guaranteeing we have a comprehensive understanding of what is required.

Never Harm - We also prioritise the safety of our employees, our clients and their customers by offering equipment aligned with the latest safety developments and initiatives.

Green plant - We also seek to supply solutions with low energy consumption and limited CO2 emissions, reflected in our growing range of environmentally friendly assets that use clean technology. These include hybrid excavators and electric vehicles, as well as our utilisation of Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) fuel.

FORS – Gold Accreditation

We have a Gold accreditation with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) for the ninth consecutive year. FORS is a national accreditation scheme for commercial vehicle operators. It aims to improve operating standards and demonstrate exemplary levels of best practice across areas such as safety, efficiency, and environmental protection. The Gold standard is awarded to exceptional operators who have met exacting targets and actively promote these standards to their supply chain.

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    Million pounds of plant that we manage and maintain

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    Assets in our inventory including small tools to piling rigs

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    Degree cameras used on safety equipment


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