Project outline

The project involved the installation of 6.8km of 450mm diameter Ductile Iron water main from Woodmansterne Water Treatment Works in Chipstead to the Booster Station at Tesco Extra at Purley.

4km of the main pipe was laid cross country in agricultural and recreational land. It also included the installation of 2.8km of 450mm diameter main through urban roads in Purley.  The new main included six connections into the existing network, as well as one connection that required 30m of 150mm main to be laid along The Bridle Road. Five connections where completed ‘By Under Pressure Tee (UPT)’, minimising disruption to the network, with one connection utilising a cut-out due to network configuration prohibiting the use of a UPT. Murphy Pipeline Testing Services completed the testing and disinfection of the new main.

Key challenges

The Woodmansterne to Purley scheme was a key Outcome Delivery Incentive for SES Water to commission by 29 March 2019 to meet their OFWAT commitment. The project was delivered ahead of this key date.

The Foxley Lane section could only be completed during school summer holidays. The team worked with the local authorities to complete the 1.2km section in only a 6-week window. It involved some of the most difficult works of the entire scheme using vacuum excavation around numerous services. The works impacted approx. 11,000 SES Water customers.

Delivery and innovations

In collaboration with a supply chain partner, Murphy developed a pipe pushing device for the scheme. This device removed the need for man entry into the trench for pipe installation, making the process considerably safer and more efficient.

The scheme was a trial site for the roll-out of a new timesheet technology called Aurora Clockface.

Solarvista was developed on the project, this workforce management tool provides analytical data for the allocation sheets and safe systems of works completed by team leaders daily. It also allows remote auditing of teams to ensure that all necessary checks are completed on site daily.

We introduced Aconex to our client which they are now looking to include on our work streams.

The site team collaborated with Murphy Plant to trial a dumper with a cab, as well as several trials of Heavy Goods Vehicle’s that provide greater driver visibility to protect cyclists.

Recycled 100% of testing and commissioning water back into the network via the raw water network. This was equivalent to saving the average water usage from 22,000 homes in a day. For this, Murphy won the International Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice in the Utilities and Sustainable Water Management Category (2019).

Key facts

Never Harm

  • Zero LTI’s and RIDDORs
  • 19 senior manager tours
  • 6 CDP coach visits
  • 5 stand downs
  • Recycled 100% of testing and commissioning water, reducing overall environmental impact

Always Deliver

  • Enabled the client to achieve their Mains Resilience ODI before the date required by OFWAT
  • 89% of works self-delivered

Integrity & Respect

  • 100% of placement & work experience students were female
  • Introduced a 2019 graduate intake into Murphy
  • 40% of staff from BAME background
  • 30% of staff female

Continually Improve

  • Development of Solarvista Work Force Management Tool
  • Development of Pipe Pushing Device to reduce man entry into excavation
  • Trial Project for Aurora
  • Trialed wagons with driver visibility for Murphy Plant
  • Trialed dumper with cab for Murphy Plant
  • Held 2 innovation forums with Saint Gobain

One Family – One Team – One Murphy

  • Murphy Pipeline Testing Services completed the pressure testing, disinfection and commissioning of our new main
  • Murphy Plant main supplier of Plant and Equipment
  • 2 operatives reached the milestone of 25 years working for Murphy on the project

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