Project outline:

Murphy has been contracted to design, construct and commission the new Huddersfield Energy and Recycling Facility plant (HERF). The plant facility has the capacity to treat 16,500 tonnes of dry solids per annum. The HERF plant will replace the demolished Calder Valley incinerator plant and sludge processing facility.

The new anaerobic digestion plant will contain new sludge reception facilities for indigenous sludge, imported liquid and cake, thickening, digestion, bio-gas collection and storage, and dewatering facilities. This also includes lime stabilisation, and the provision of a sludge liquor treatment plant.

Biogas from the digestion process will fuel new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engines. The engines will then provide heat to aid the digestion process, and electrical power for the Upper Brighouse site.

Key challenges: 
  • A Tight programme – all of the works, including commissioning, are to be completed by the first quarter of 2021.
  • Key dates – the dewatering facility will stop being used by June 2020, which will relieve the client from high disposal costs.
  • One Murphy – our civil, mechanical and electrical design teams are working together to deliver the project.
  • Complex reinforced concrete structures –the 21m high concrete digester tanks are being poured in situ. They are being post tensioned and with a stainless steel roof.
  • Specialised process tanks – epoxy coated, bolted steel tanks will form most of the process tanks.
Project delivery/ innovation:
  • Concrete sensors – once they reach their full 28-day strength, the digester tanks will be post tensioned. The project team liaised with a supplier and introduced cast in temperature sensors. The sensors correlate the concrete temperature to curing strength. Through using this innovation, we cut the programme by approx. one week.
  • Off-site fabrication – we are using Legato blocks where possible, instead of RC concrete retaining walls or equipment support superstructure.
Key facts: 

Never Harm

  • Zero LTI’s and RIDDORs to date (over 80,000 hours worked).
  • Multiple client senior management site visits. The feedback has been positive, with particular praise for our leadership on the project.
  • 70 people attended our safety campaign, ‘One Winter’, including the client, senior management and subcontractors.
  • Zero transport of materials to landfill to date. We have recycled 100% of the crushed material (over 11,000 tonnes).
  • Reduction of carbon footprint:
    1. We have used multi-purpose machinery (crane tele-handler and man-rider), which has reduced travel required to exchange machinery.
    2. Through crushing activities, we have saved approx. 30 tonnes of CO2

Continually Improve

  • Our measures of project productivity, are to be communicated back to our work winning team. These are measures of our design IFC, installation of steel tanks, concrete works, drainage and ducting.
  • We have trailed Aurora (More than 92% compliance over a year).
  • We are using Aconex, for collaboration and commercial communications.
  • We have used Converge’s cutting-edge concrete sensors.
  • Six Engineers have been working towards their professional development, including a graduate and an apprentice.
  • CPD sessions have been held on site, with RMD Kwikform (Formwork, False work and Ground Shoring systems) attending. Invites have also been extended to other Murphy engineers.
  • Our site teams visited two similar wastewater treatment plants, operated by Yorkshire Water.

One Murphy- our self-delivery approach

At Murphy, we can deliver the majority of our works in-house. A number of our specialist businesses have been commissioned to work on this project, including:

  • Process Engineering- leading the process and mechanical design, as well as the installation/commissioning
  • Total Site Solutions-providing the control room
  • Ground Engineering- carrying out the piling works
  • Applied Engineering- carrying out the temporary works
  • Electrical Services- designing and installing the electrical works
  • Utility Services- carrying out the gas connection works
  • Plant- supplying most of our plant and equipment

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