Furlough Support

We have significant bank of work, that needs to continue to help maintain vital infrastructure in the UK, Ireland and Canada. Unfortunately some of our projects have had to close and we expect that this will be an ongoing process as we work with our clients and the government. 

In the UK, the government has in place a scheme called 'furlough' to help financially protect employees who have lost their roles as a result of COVID-19 and lock down measures. We will be using this scheme to help protect jobs in the future.


  • This is a pause... you are still a valued employee of Murphy 
  • You can't work while your role is furloughed - but you can do unpaid volunteer work
  • It has to be a minimum of 3 weeks. We can’t confirm how long roles will be on furlough for at this time
  • Your length of service will be preserved and your annual leave will continue to accrue for the period that your role is furloughed
  • You are expected to stay in contact with your line manager at least once a week and to let us know if your circumstances change (e.g. you have to self-isolate or are diagnosed with COVID-19) 
  • You can only do training if it is critical for your role (e.g. graduate or apprentice). Most technical cards are extending their expiry dates and stopping all training
  • You shouldn't respond to work emails, unless it is to keep in touch with your line manager. A standard out of office will be put on to your email, re-directing the sender to the colleague who will deal with the enquiry whilst you are away.


The government scheme covers up to 80% of your basic salary with a cap at £2,500 (per month) and 3% employer pension contribution. This is before tax and other deductions. Murphy have a scheme in place to top up your pay if you earn more than £2,500 per month for the first month of furlough – please speak to your line manager about this. We will continue to make your usual employer's % contribution to your pension (based on the revised salary), to help you protect your future.


  • If you drive a van then please speak to your line manager. We may need to use the van to help other projects with deliveries or to support NHS and schools
  • Make sure that your tools, kit and PPE are clean. Check with your line manager if these should remain on site or be taken home with you
  • Make sure your line manager has your personal and work contact details
  • Download the payslips app


We are recruiting for some project, so please check the Careers section of our website for available roles. You should speak to your line manager or People Business Partner before you apply for an internal role. You have to be on furlough for a minimum of three weeks

Our resource operations team are constantly reviewing resource requests and if suitable frontline roles become available they will contact you to discuss