If any of our clients or other stakeholders ask about the steps we are taking, let them know: 

  • We are following the recommended government guidance and continuously monitoring the latest developments 
  • Are working closely with our teams to manage our risks  
  • Reducing business travel to essential travel 
  • And are taking additional prudent local steps to ensure we can continue to deliver 

If any of the media contact you asking about coronavirus and the steps we are taking, please pass them to Chris Mostyn.  

Here is a general holding statement you can share with customers. You should also let your Managing Director and Sector Director know. Please speak to your Procurement contact if a supplier contacts you. 


The health and wellbeing of our employees and colleagues is central to what we do and a priority during the current Coronavirus challenges. 

​​​​​​​We are taking a number of responsible and sensible steps, in line with recommend guidance from governments and health authorities, to protect our employees and preserve the continuity of the business – this is paramount at this time.

  • Our senior leadership are meeting daily to ensure that they are fully appraised and are leading on issues faced by the business
  • We have implemented additional cleaning regimes and increased hygiene measures across  our offices and projects, and have additional cleaning on standby if required
  • We are communicating to our colleagues on a regular basis through a variety of channels, to make sure everyone is well informed of the latest guidance, measures being taken and what they should do e.g. regular hand washing, social distancing, process for self-isolating, etc
  • We have set up a working groups from across the business to implement business continuity planning across five key areas
  • We have implemented appropriate distancing measures in our offices, as well as implementing agile / remote working for those teams who are able to do so
  • We have cancelled all non-essential events, meetings and business travel and are using more technology solutions to carry out our normal business
  • We are liaising closely with our supply chain to manage and mitigate any challenges we may face regarding essential materials for our project delivery
  • We have undertaken business continuity testing across business support functions to ensure that we can continue to support [you / our clients / partners] over the coming weeks and are ready to respond to any cases across our business in the appropriate manner.

As developments unfold, we will continue to monitor and respond in the best way possible, while protecting the health of our people and our levels of service delivery. We will keep you updated as things develop. ​​​​​​​

Please be assured that we are taking all appropriate measures to protect our teams and the health of our partners who we work with on a daily basis. As we do that, we are focusing on continuing to deliver our projects safely and responsibly where we can. Please let us know if you have any queries or questions.

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