We are very excited that our new charity partnership with CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). CALM are leading a movement against suicide and for anyone struggling with life’s problems. Together we’re going to support those who need CALM’s vital services and help save lives. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 and construction has the highest suicide rate of any industry in the UK. We know that mental health is important to our teams.


Do what you love, do it for CALM!

There are loads of ways you can get involved and help to raise money for CALM - from coffee crawls to climbing Everest. What ever you decided to do, we are sure it will be ace! 

  • Organise your own team event - from coffee crawls to a comedy night
  • Do a personal challenge - climb mount Everest or read a book a week 
  • Take part in an event organised by CALM or Murphy - keep an eye out for our project bulletins
  • Do some simple things like choosing CALM to be your charity choice on Amazon Smile, off load unwanted goods on eBay or buying presents from retailers who donate part of their profits to them

Check out our fundraising kit for all the details from planning to social media! 

You can email to ask us to match fund your event. Please make sure you use our Just Giving page to collect money for CALM

If you want to promote your event then please email or, if you have access, shout about it on Yammer


You, your friends and family can also use CALM's mental health services from information you can trust on their website to a late night call... if you have a load on your mind, then offload on us

0800 58 58 58 

Hear Rachel Tryst, from CALM, and Ailsa Pollard, charity committee member talk about what CALM do and how you can get involved. 

John Kinirons and Donald Thomas in conversation about the importance of unloading and why we are excited to be supporting CALM