Virtual site tour becomes a reality

Murphy’s Culture & Engagement team will introduce the final version of their virtual reality (VR) programme in July to supplement the ‘Never Harm’ module. The initial version that has been used so far has had some really good feedback which has been helped make the final version even better. 

The VR programme puts participants through their paces in a mock trip to site where they are asked to spot potential hazards. 

Once putting on the headset participants are transported to Murphy’s reception in Kentish Town. They then follow steps that take them to a project site where they are asked to look for hazards. 

Karl Edwards, Lead Coach in Murphy’s Culture & Engagement team said: “VR has become very popular in the industry. We have worked with a company called Clicks and Links to produce some bespoke Murphy software. Instead of it being your standard drop down list like most of our competitors are using for hazard perception VR, we have produced an environment where we look to see what the participants do subconsciously around our offices and sites.”