Together for our planet - COP26

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties or COP26 brings world leaders together to tackle climate change. The summit, hosted in Glasgow, runs from 31 October – 12 November 2021 and aims to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

J. Murphy & Sons Limited 'Murphy at 75 strategy' sets out a clear path that will help to protect the environment for future generations and achieve Net Zero by 2030.

CO2 reduction

J. Murphy & Sons has reduced carbon emissions by over 30% so far, with a further commitment to another 50% reduction in the next 5 years through:
• use of innovative technology,
• state of the art plant powered by alternative and renewable fuels,
• making more from precious natural resources, and
• using more efficient ways of working on projects

Renewable energy

Commitment to renewable electricity as a business and J. Murphy & Sons is looking at ways to increase the amount “self-generated” on sites.

Zero to landfill

In one year, the following have been achieved:
• achieved savings of over £850,000 value add and diverted over 100,000 tonnes from waste disposal routes on projects all over the UK and Ireland
• diverted 98.2% waste from landfill (including hazardous waste)
• recycled 100% of plastic for the first time
• recycled 100% office generated waste (including food waste)

WASTE TO WEALTH - last year, J. Murphy & Sons launched a ‘Waste to Wealth’ campaign which aims to minimise waste and add environmental, community and social value.

Green Plant

As part of a £75 million investment in green plant, J. Murphy & Son’s has invested in £18.7m in environmentally conscious plant, equipment, and vehicles in the UK and €3m in Ireland so far.
This includes recent delivery of five new solar welfare vans and several new fully electric Nissan eNV200 vans, both of which will help reduce carbon emissions. There has also been a reduction in fuel use by 30% so far compared to 2019.

Murphy Roots Programme

The Murphy Roots Programme was introduced on World Environment Awareness Day. The aim of the programme is to engage with 75 schools by 2026 to educate the next generation on climate change and lower carbon living, enabling communities to do their bit to protect the environment.

So far this year employees have visited over 20 schools and planted over 300 trees.

Plant trees

Planting and preservation of 7,000 trees through conservation projects, exceeding goals to plant 5,000 trees per year.

Biodiversity: Get Nature Positive

J. Murphy & Sons signed up to Get Nature Positive and is leading the way in the Buildings and Infrastructure sector. This case study can be viewed in the Get Nature Positive Handbook.

No nature, no business: why we must do more for biodiversity

View CEO, John Murphy’s, piece on Construction News and hear why promoting and preserving biodiversity has to be a priority for the UK construction sector.

Live from COP26

John Kinirons, Group Director of SHES & Sustainability, joined RSK Group on Wednesday 10 November as they hosted “Live from COP26: Greening the Blue Chips”. The thought provoking and informative panel session brought together business leaders from multiple sectors to work out how we can “finalise the Paris rulebook” and cut emissions in line with ambitious sustainability targets while protecting and restoring the natural resources we all depend on.

Commitments for the future

J. Murphy & Sons has ambitious commitments that will help protect the planet for future generations and ensure we leave positive legacy in the communities we work in.