Plant sign up to cleaner and greener charter

Murphy Plant have signed up to a cross-sector commitment that aims to help reduce carbon emissions.

The Plant Commitment Charter was launched last year by the Supply Chain Sustainability School, and outlines five commitments that contribute to a cleaner working environment and help the UK reduce its carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. Reducing our impact on the environment where we work is a central part of our sustainability strategy.

The use of fossil fuels to power construction plan and equipment (CPE) contributes to two direct impacts: poor local air quality and related health impacts on those working in, and living around, construction sites.


  1. Minimum standards in procurement: We will buy or hire CPE that meets or exceeds the minimum standards for AQ and GHG emissions, as laid out in the latest version of accompanying technical paper3
  2. Engagement: We will engage suppliers and contractors up and down the value chain to actively participate in meeting the same minimum standards to contribute towards our aims
  3. Awareness raising and education: We commit to providing our supply chain with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to achieve our aims
  4. Measurement and reporting: We will measure progress in reducing our emissions and report them to relevant stakeholders
  5. Innovation: We will investigate, trial and implement new technologies that will help us on the route to zero emissions onsite

With a plan to invest £75m in cleaner and greener plant over the next five years, signing up to this charter clearly shows how our Plant team plan to play their part to deliver our sustainability strategy.

  • Murphy plant vehicle.
    Murphy plant vehicle.
  • Electric Murphy van charging station.
    Electric Murphy van charging station.
  • Charging pod and electric Murphy vehicle.
    Charging pod and electric Murphy vehicle.