Our Culture

With the success in engaging the workforce around our Never Harm values, our Culture Development Programme (CDP) ensures that we achieve our ten-year plan, and that all of our values are communicated throughout the business. We also have a full day Culture & Engagement Induction, to ensure every new employee is on board with the Murphy culture.

Through sponsoring our new core value modules, our directors support and drive the development of our Culture Development Programme. We have met with all the value sponsors to clarify the key themes and the specific objectives of our new modules. We have also received feedback from our employees, through our site support visits and have now completed the design of all the new modules.

The key objectives of our new core value modules are:

One Family, One Team, One Murphy
• A Consistent customer experience. To reassure our customers and inspire confidence in our delivery.
• Understanding the benefits of working in a self-delivery organisation. Employees have an opportunity to grow and develop at Murphy, demonstrating our skills and capabilities to our clients.
• Every employee represents Murphy, and every single action can have an impact on the identity of the company.

Always Deliver
• End to end planning and delivery of our projects, breaking down each stage from initial bid to completion and handover.
• Our promise of right first time delivery, ensuring that every employee takes ownership of their work and feels proud of the job they do.
• Every employee has the ability to play a part in the successful delivery of a project, no matter what stage, or how long they are involved in the project process.

Integrity & Respect
• Our values are the compass by which we make decisions – every employee has the right to speak up and challenge actions that contradict our values.
• Understand our diversity profile, find strength in our differences, champion inclusivity and be respectfully open and honest with everyone.
• Clear understanding of what our business stands for, in terms of integrity & respect. Ensure that every employee understands and practises the Murphy Code of Conduct.

Never Harm
• Preventing accidents by identifying smaller near misses/high potential challenges early on, and acting fast.
• Knowledge of our SHESQ processes and procedures, and the importance of complying with them.
• Speak up! Empower all employees to communicate in an open and honest with regards to SHESQ. Ensuring that they are aware of feedback methods available.
• Bespoke Murphy hazard perception VR software, used to identify we what we may subconsciously miss at our offices/sites.

Continually Improve
• Learn from our previous experiences and work at a consistently high standard.
• Understand what world-class infrastructure means to our employees, and how they can play a part in delivering it.
• Innovation at Murphy – ensure that every employee is empowered to contribute to innovation, understand the tools in place to communicate ideas and be a part of continual improvement at Murphy.

Alongside these new core value modules, we are continually developing our Culture & Engagement support offering. This is to sustain our approach with on-site support, both in our offices and work sites. We also assist in supporting the business by developing engagement sessions in all of these areas…

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