The Culture Development Programme is delivered, designed and developed in-house by coaches who have all had several years’ experience in operational roles.

Our approach uses different coaching, positive psychology, neuro-linguistic programme (NLP) techniques and technology such as, VR to engage and communicate our message. We offer a number of engagement sessions:  

Cultural Induction: Connecting new starters with our Murphy culture, our history and our family ethos. 

Hub Day: Setting the expectation of our Murphy culture and how our choices influence this. 

Site Support: Support for our sites/offices where we can sustain the key messages and get real time and honest feedback from our teams. 

Core Value Workshops: Designed to engage all employees with the company values. 

Never Harm Toolkit: Specific to our Never Harm value, we drill down into detail in engaging sessions around some of the most high-risk tasks our teams face as well as seasonal campaigns around summer/winter to focus teams on the changes and choices they make.

  • 'Hub Day' training session.
    'Hub Day' training session.
  • Group training activities.
    Group training activities.
  • Group training activities.
    Group training activities.
  • East Anglia 'One Summer' session.
    East Anglia 'One Summer' session.
  • 'One Summer' safety session.
    'One Summer' safety session.
One summer campaign.

Our values and culture

The Murphy values reflect our purpose, our priorities and the way in which we conduct ourselves. We have also introduced five strategic drivers to provide a clear focus for the coming years on where we need to improve. Discover what it means to work at Murphy.

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