Industry leading water solutions

For over 40 years Murphy Water have been a leading provider of water solutions to the municipal and industrial markets in both Ireland and the UK. We are committed to consistently delivering the highest standards of quality, efficiency and reliability for our clients. We achieve this by combining innovation and industry leading experience to provide best in class turnkey infrastructure solutions, asset management and technical support services.

At Murphy we strive to ensure that the services we deliver for our clients has a positive impact upon the environment within which we work. We achieve this by embracing new thinking and technologies to continuously achieve improvements in the conservation of water resources and in the recovery of energy and nutrients in a renewable and sustainable manner.

Our clients include major utility providers throughout Ireland and the UK including Irish Water, Northern Ireland Water, Yorkshire Water, Thames Water and South East Water serving the needs of over 20 million customers.

We provide solutions and services across the following core sectors.

Water Treatment

  • Municipal water infrastructure.
  • Industrial water applications.

Wastewater Treatment

  • Municipal wastewater infrastructure.
  • Industrial effluent treatment.

Asset Management and Optimisation

  • Asset management.
  • Process and technical support services.


  • Anaerobic digestion plants.
  • Biogas handling and energy recovery.

Industrial Automation

  • SCADA and PLC systems.
  • New builds and legacy system upgrades

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