Murphy in Canada

Our presence in Canada is represented by two joint ventures.

Surerus Murphy Joint Venture (SMJV)

The partnership with Surerus Pipeline Inc. and J. Murphy & Sons Limited, brings together over 100 years of combined pipeline construction experience.

As a fully integrated joint venture, Surerus Murphy benefits from alignment of the respective company values and commitment to the delivery of unrivalled performance in quality, health, safety and environmental. This commitment has ensured that both companies maintain an impressive track record of delivering complex construction projects.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Surerus Murphy delivers experience and innovative solutions to large diameter pipeline projects with growing strengths in facility construction, integrity programs and early engagement project development.

Kenaidan Murphy Joint Venture (KMJV)

The Kenaidan Murphy Joint Venture unites two organizations to bring innovation to large scale transit infrastructure projects throughout Ontario. Kenaidan, a Mississauga based contractor since 1974, is a preferred building partner of choice for local transit agencies, and has been for decades. Murphy, established in 1951, is a leader in delivery of large scale transit projects and programs in the UK.

Both companies have complementary values and cultures, a diverse range of technical expertise, and a passion for transit sector development which became the foundation for our venture. KMJV was formed with a belief and strategic vision that our combined experience and track record will deliver collaborative project solutions for large and complex projects to world class standards. 

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