Dedicated modern fabrication facility in Newbridge

We have a dedicated, multi-disciplined team of structural engineers, draftsmen, welding inspectors, welding engineers, workshop managers, project managers, welders and fabricators.

What we do 

We provide bespoke steel solutions to key industries including building, bridges, civil engineering, marine, pharmaceutical, power, rail and pipework. We operate from our specialist steel fabrication facility, in Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

Our extensive range of equipment includes an ESAB plate cutting / profiling machine, two saws, a drill line and a large selection of weld sets with equipment for automation. We use our Newbridge facility to carry out trial erection of any steel structures and bridges, which means we can confirm the overall assembly in advance of time critical possessions. 

What makes us different

Direct-delivery - Our in-house team ensures that we can identify and resolve issues cost-effectively and quickly for our clients.

Our approach - Our expertise allows us to support our clients at every stage of their project. We always guarantee a complete service that includes planning, design, fabrication and erection.  

Better engineered solutions - We have the knowledge and expertise to solve engineering and cost problems for our clients. 

Our Design Capabilities

Our Experienced Team are pleased to offer you a range of skills.

Structural Design & Analysis

This is carried out through various platforms such as Masterseries, Spacegass, Tedds and Robot. Our designers have wide ranging experience in detailed design of steel, pressure vessels, pipework, concrete, geotechnical and timber.

Connection Design – Finite Element Design

Connection design is carried out using Component Based Finite Element Techniques, which is currently trending to replace the traditional static design methods. By embracing these plastic redistribution techniques, we can offer great flexibility of design, improved efficiencies of material and consumables and an all-round saving of time and value to our clients.

BIM Modelling

Our team are highly trained and BIM compliant. They are highly experienced in a range of platforms, and capable of compatibility conversion techniques to share models in a range of mediums for ease of review by our clients. We operate a range of BIM software mediums to facilitate clash detection and ensure a cohesive integration with building envelope designers.

3D & 4D Timeline Modelling

Murphy Ireland boast a range of photorealism 3D & 4D software tools to provide our clients with animated walk-throughs, which demonstrate constructability, sequencing, lift appraisal and geometric constraints. We have capabilities to assimilate static and dynamic models into geolocation coordinates to visualise structures in their real environment.

Temporary Works Design & Coordinators

Our experienced Temporary Works Engineers are competent to offer solutions for below ground and above ground applications. We can offer FEA techniques for lifting plates and brackets as well as bespoke grillage designs for temporary works design.

Stengthening existing steel on the Sharnbrook Viaduct Project.

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