Murphy Power Distribution is now mua Electricity

An electricity network operator that prioritises safety 

We are a respected Independent Distribution Network Operator through our high standard of work and adherence to Regulation.

We deliver secure electricity supplies through our networks and first-class safety controls to both residential and commercial developments. Our vision is to continually provide the safest and most secure electricity supply to our customers, delivering to the highest standard and care from our Never Harm Networks.

What we do

As the operator of independent electricity distribution networks within the UK, we ensure our networks are designed and built not only to meet the needs of our customers today, but to ensure that their needs are met tomorrow.

How we make a difference

Our electricity networks are operated under a public distribution licence, which means our standards of service are delivered in line with that licence and the commitment to our customers is our every day.

We ensure our electricity network is maintained all year round, so our users can find comfort of a reliable supply of electricity every single day. As part of our ongoing commitment to health and safety, our Never Harm Networks Culture Programme places safety at the core of the business. At the heart of what we do is people, and they are always our priority and we take the time to understand the specific needs of our customers. It’s our everyday!

Contact us

If you are already connected to our networks or would like further information on how to connect to our networks, or if you need further information about your supply from using our networks then further information can be found from our documents links on the right. Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch with one of our team at:

If you are a developer and looking for new multi-utility infrastructure for your development, then please contact our Utility Connections team. They are an accredited Independent Connections Provider (ICP) who can offer a complete solution to your developments’ utility needs.

A list of other accredited ICPs can be found on the Lloyds Register website.

connection pipes.

Murphy Gas Networks

We also operate Murphy Gas Networks (MGN), which is an operator of independent gas transportation networks within the UK. MGN ensure that our networks are designed and built to not only meet the needs of our customers today, but to ensure that their needs are met tomorrow.

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    Was the year Murphy 'won gold' to construct the Olympic Park

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    Engineers, professional managers and skilled operatives around the world

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    John Murphy (founder) was elected as Fellow by the Institute of Gas Engineers