Project outline:

Ørsted contracted Murphy to install the onshore cables along the allocated 11.5km cable route, from the landfall area to Race Bank onshore substation. The project is part of an overall programme, which will transform incoming energy from the offshore wind turbines and then export it to onshore converter stations.

The Race Bank offshore wind project consists of two 220kV export cable systems. They are the length of approximately 70km at the offshore section and approximately 11km at the onshore section.

Key challenges:

The route runs cross country with 58 crossings of watercourses and roads and 11 open-cut watercourse crossings. Due to the route, there were a number of ecological and environmental constraints, including the presence of water voles and nesting birds. Areas of high water table also meant that specialist dewatering techniques were required, so that the works could continue.

Project delivery/ innovation:

Thermal resistivity testing was carried out along the entire route, which proved that the existing ground was suitable to use for the duct surroundings. A processing bucket was brought in to ensure there were no sharp objects or stones around the ducts, which cut down traffic on the project considerably.

Key facts:
  • Co-ordinating and liaising with landowners and tenants
  • Fencing, topsoil strip and storage
  • Establishment of temporary access roads
  • Installation of twin trefoil ducted system
  • Installation of 220KV cables into ducting
  • Design and construction of 8 joint bays
  • Design and construction of a transition Joint bay to accept sub-sea cable and joints
  • Construction of 10 link box chambers
  • Installation of 46km fibre optic cable, test and splice
  • Construction of 8 fibre optic splice chambers
  • Repair of all existing drainage and reinstatement of land back to original condition
  • Cable installation and termination support within Ørsted and National Grid substations

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