Project outline

Seventy new homes are coming to Marks Gate in 2024 through the Padnall Lake development housing block. The block has been delivered by J. Murphy & Sons Limited for client Be First, the regeneration arm of Barking and Dagenham Council, and it sits adjacent to the newly opened Padnall lake.

Be First has a strong history of creating new, high-quality homes for people and communities in Barking and Dagenham, and through its work the borough has been named the most affordable for housing in London. At Padnall Lake, there will be 70 units in total, made up of 26 three-bedroom town houses and 44 flats one- and two- bedroom flats, all offered at affordable rent.

As part of the wider Padnall Lake development and a continued commitment to improving the borough for residents and communities, Murphy has supported Be First’s mission to completely refurbish the area, breathing new life into the popular local lake in Chadwell Heath. Together, they have improved the cleanliness of the lake, enhanced biodiversity, created new cycling and walking paths, delivered significant open space, and provided a new community space for residents.

This is the third scheme Murphy have supported Be First on and both look forward to working successfully together over the coming years in support of their goal to deliver a cleaner, greener area for residents in Dagenham.