Young engineers enjoy introduction to construction at Big Bang Fair

2,500 students ranging from nine to 16 years took part in a fair last week aiming to engage young people in construction. 

The ‘Big Bang London’ event, held at Kingsway College in London, saw Murphy offer a variety of activities including a virtual reality experience, an exercise in full personal protective equipment cutting chocolate chocolate and structure building with marshmallows and bamboo skewers. Essential engineering equipment was also shown to demonstrate the importance of precision accuracy. 

Rachel Groves, Murphy’s utilities customer care manager said: “A very big thank you to all those who supported this event. The combination of the activities worked very well and the students attending the event seemed to really enjoy the combination that we had on offer.” 

Members of Murphy’s innovation team and culture and development team were also in attendance and were very impressed with the activities on show and also the children’s appetite to learn. 

Karl Edwards, Murphy’s lead culture and engagement coach, said: “It was a really good event and I think everyone took something away from it. This month at Murphy we are focusing on our ‘dependable project management’ strategic driver and I think it was handy even for us to look back at the basics of starting and managing any project which is what we worked on with the children today.” 

Rachel Groves and the team delivering the AMP6 Trunk Mains framework for Sutton and East Surrey Water team will also be supporting the ‘Big Bang Sutton’ on Friday 13 July - details of the event found here.