National Grid's gas asset contract awarded to Murphy

J. Murphy and Sons Ltd has been awarded a £13 million ‘design and build’ contract by National Grid to replace and refurbish assets on the national gas transmission system. 

Starting in January 2018, the work, which is part of National Grid’s ‘AGI Renovation Campaign’, will identify and upgrade ageing assets on the high pressure gas system across an area form Exeter in the Southwest, Kings Lynn and Cambridge in the East and Bishop Auckland in the Northeast. This award follows on from previous work to refurbish valves for National Grid which was successfully delivered by Murphy.  

Mark Simpson, Murphy’s project manager for the scheme, said: “The work will be challenging but we are confident that our experience from last year will help us. We’re looking forward to continuing working with National Grid and playing our part in maintaining the country’s vital energy infrastructure.”  

Murphy’s in-house welding service in Leeds will also play a vital role in the project, delivering onsite and offsite inspection, specialist assessments, assembly testing and offsite fabrication. 

Chris Bates, National Grid’s lead project manager said: “National Grid is happy to be working with Murphy on this national campaign of asset health works. Through it, we will ensure that our gas transmission network continues to work safely, efficiently and reliably to move gas around the country to the millions of homes and businesses that depend on it.”  

National Grid’s Gas Transmission Delivery team is investing in the maintenance of their existing assets to make sure there is a safe and secure gas supply for customers, and to make sure they comply with latest specifications and legislations. Planning is already underway for the next phase in 2019.