Murphy response to Government's Energy Security Strategy


The UK Government has today announced its new Energy Security Strategy which sets out how Great Britain will accelerate the deployment of wind, new nuclear, solar and hydrogen to support energy security and the transition to net zero.

J Murphy & Sons Limited has a long history of supporting clients to deliver better-engineered, sustainable energy solutions. We welcome the plan but say action is needed now if people of Britain are to see benefits anytime soon.

Jon Downs, Murphy Managing Director, Energy, said:

"The UK Government's new Energy Security Strategy is an undoubted step in the right direction and outlines a credible path towards boosting the country's long term energy independence and security at a time when our reliance on overseas supply is being brought into stark relief.  However, the focus must now shift towards providing the infrastructure that is so urgently needed in order to make this strategy a reality – a scaled up expansion of our nuclear, wind, solar and hydrogen plans, as well as improved domestic oil and gas capabilities will only be possible if investment is made today.  Today’s plan is a good outline, but we need the rest of the construction and engineering industry to get on board to make the Government’s plan a reality – what we need now is action.”

You can find the full Government strategy here.