Murphy Bridging the gap for university students

In its second year running, the Constructionarium initiative saw Liverpool University students and Murphy professionals participate in a 6-day field course to build scaled-down replicas of iconic landmarks. 

The Constructionarium initiative aims to bridge the gap between academic institutes and industry by providing a practical, safe and relevant environment for students. This year, 87 students from Liverpool University were mobilised to construct a mini Gherkin, Milau Viaduct, Brewery Wharf Footbridge and Ravenspurn Oil Platform. They were split into four teams and tasked with planning, managing and constructing one of the four structures within the week. The students were judged on the entire process - from budgetary control, methodology and project management. 

Richard Sutherden, Murphy’s group head of engineering, visited the site during the week and said, “We are delighted to be part of bridging the skills gap and developing today’s students and it’s a great opportunity for us to identify future engineers in the making. Liverpool University is one of Murphy’s chosen educational institution partners and the Constructionarium initiative provides a unique opportunity to support students, offering them the opportunity to develop practical skills outside of their curricula.” 

Murphy professionals provided the students with all the required protective clothing and small tools to get the job completed, and also the required concrete and steel reinforcement for the structures. 

For more information on the Constructionarium initiative and Murphy career opportunities for students and graduates, head to the Early Careers website. Murphy runs degree apprenticeships and trades apprenticeships, as well as summer placements, industrial placements and a graduate scheme.