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5th Apr 2019

Murphy bridging the gap for university students

J. Murphy and Sons Ltd and students from Liverpool University, construct a scaled down version of the 'Gherkin' - one of ' UK’s most iconic landmarks.

7th Sep 2018 | By Jack Selman

Jack Selman: A passion for large scale innovation in the industry

Jack Selman, Murphy's innovation coordinator, discusses the challenges in innovating the industry and how Murphy and taking steps to nurture innovator

25th Jul 2018

Project Team Lend a Hand at Hanwell Zoo

Murphy's project team working on Hanwell Station and staff from TfL help transform unused area of Hanwell Zoo into an aviary.

13th Jul 2018

Murphy part of London Pride for First Time Ever

Murphy's LBGT+ network took part in the Pride procession through the streets of London on Saturday.

10th Jul 2018

Young Engineers Enjoy Introduction to Construction at Big Bang Fair

2,500 students ranging from nine to 16 years took part in a fair last week aiming to engage young people in construction.

5th Jul 2018

'Intelligent Contracting': Stuart Rothery Interview with Karma Loveday, The Water Report

Interview with Murphy's Water Director Stuart Rothery as featured in The Water Report, May 2018, written and edited by Karma Loveday.

4th Jul 2018 | By Will Reddaway

Will Reddaway: Better Engineered Month - Bringing ideas to life and managing innovation

For my final piece as part of Better Engineered month, I'm discussing how to manage ideas and turn them into functioning innovations.

2nd Jul 2018

They're under starters orders at Curragh Racecourse

In January 2017 Murphy began work at Ireland’s famous Curragh racecourse which included reconstruction of the ‘Queen’s Room’.

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