Project outline

Resurfacing works at Texaco Yard were part of the overall redevelopment of the Alexandra Basin by the Dublin Port Company. The large-scale investment entailed the creation of deeper berthing facilities with associated roll-on/roll-off link spans, to accommodate large container ships and cruise liners. The increased trade envisaged also created a demand for larger storage areas for containers and new car imports. 

At Texaco Yard, 2.1 hectares were resurfaced with reinforced concrete slabs, following an overhaul of the site ducting and drainage. Structural steel fencing, automated gates and electrical lighting masts were all part of the finished yard project. 

Key challenges

Working in a ‘live’, fully operational port was a key challenge on this project. The Murphy ‘Project Execution Plan’ made provision for appropriate traffic management plans to maintain normal port operations. For example, bulk material deliveries (such as the 330m³ concrete delivery in convoy) were set to commence at 5.30am, allowing us to avoid disruption. 

Another key challenge was maintaining port infrastructure services during the works. This was overcome by liaising daily with port management and utility providers, ensuring there was no interruption to services. 

Project delivery and innovation  

Works commenced with the removal of contaminated ground, followed by the crushing and recycling of existing concrete slabs. Drainage, attenuation and oil separation was required. The water-mains and service ducting also needed to be installed.  

The new surface consisted of a 400mm fibre-reinforced slab over an area of 2.1 hectares with 610m of associated footpaths. We put forward the idea of using fibre-reinforced concrete in lieu of the traditional bar-reinforced concrete. This value engineered measure was accepted by the project manager, as it greatly assisted delivery of the programme.  

A structural steel framed fence (Kilmainham Type 358), 4m high and 610m long, was fabricated and installed in conjunction with the automated gates. Impressive 30m high, electrical lighting masts were also installed. 

A good working relationship between Murphy and Dublin Port Company had been established previously during the Storecon Yard project. This created a united focus during the construction period, resulting in the successful delivery of the project, on time and to the client’s satisfaction.  

Key facts
  • Removal of contaminated ground 
  • Crushing and recycling existing concrete slab 
  • Installation of drainage, attenuation and oil separators 
  • Installation of water-main and service ducting 
  • Construction of 400mm fibre-reinforced slab over 2 hectares and 610m of reinforced concrete footpath 
  • Fabrication and installation of 610m of 4m high structural steel-framed fencing 
  • Installation of automated gates 
  • Electrical installation including 30m high lighting masts

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Texaco Yard, Dublin Port image.

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