This contract includes the completion of routine and non-routine maintenance and pipeline operational duties across the GNI UK High Pressure Gas Pipeline System and associated above ground installations as well as providing a 24/7 emergency standby rota to attend emergencies should the need arise.

These pipelines and associated pressure reduction stations form part of the National Infrastructure Network in Northern Ireland and are responsible for the safe supply of natural gas across Northern Ireland for homes, businesses and electricity production.

Murphy currently have responsibility for the operational and maintenance duties of approx. 240km of 85bar High Pressure Natural Gas pipelines and 17 above ground installations providing pressure reduction, metering and filtration services to the gas supply.


In the world of Operations and Maintenance, we are constantly met with new challenges, these include

  • Completion of statutory maintenance to ensure governmental compliance
  • Completion of maintenance schedules to ensure continuity of supply to gas users
  • Reaction to faults / breakdowns in a timely manor
  • Interaction with statutory departments i.e. Planning Service of Northern Ireland and the Health & Safety Executive Northern Ireland
  • Interaction with landowners who own the land where the pipelines are contained

Murphy constantly work with our client to supply a word class service that delivers piece of mind that their assets are being operated and maintained to the highest levels of safety and professionalism and this is no more apparent than when GNI quality departments carry out their audits of Murphy processes and procedures.

The regulations surrounding high pressure natural gas are ever changing as new equipment and techniques are developed. It is imperative as Murphy that we keep abreast of these changes through involvement in regulating bodies like The Institute of Gas Engineers & Managers as these standards form the backbone of our O&M business.


We are constantly committed to innovating within our area of the Murphy business. This can involve assessing

  • How we carry out our day to day operational duties to do so in a more environmentally sustainable way
  • How we can reduce our carbon footprint by assessing our environmental impact
  • How we can reduce waste to landfill by recycling non-functional components etc.

We also provide advice to our client on safety and operational initiatives and look at ways they too can reduce their environmental impact.

One such innovation that was welcomed by our client was the idea of replacing the old halogen floodlights which are used to light the above ground installations, with new LED versions.

This change would not only greatly reduce the electrical consumption of the floodlights but would also reduce the environmental impact of the disposal of the halogen bulbs with are treated as ‘Hazardous Waste’.

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