Leixlip Water Treatment Plant supplies approximately 30% of the Greater Dublin Area’s water supply and is a critical piece of infrastructure serving residents and supporting economic growth across the city.

In 2015 Murphy completed a major expansion of the facility to increase output from 175,000m3/day to 255,000m3/day. Delivering a seamless, integrated control and automation solution encompassing both the new and refurbished elements of expanded facility formed a major part of this project.


To deliver a seamless solution by replacing legacy control hardware and software within the existing plant and integrating with the system provided for the new expansion of the plant.


The solution delivered on this project included:

  • Replacement of 10 no. obsolete OMRON CV-Series PLCs with new CS-Series.
  • Installation of OMRON Controller Link Fibre Optic Ring Network for PLC communications.
  • Decommissioning of old SysmacNET network
  • Porting of all PLC programs.
  • Conversion of existing Onspec SCADA system to single integrated Wonderware InTouch system for the entire site.
  • Provision of hot Standby SCADA System redundancy.
  • Integrate PLC networks in new and existing plants while maintaining independent ring network redundancy on each.
  • Installation of a new Hirschmann Fibre Optic to support the new plant wide SCADA system.


Murphy successfully delivered the upgrade and integration works without any disruption to plant output or performance.