Project outline

Murphy International Ltd was employed to drive 406.4 x 12.5mm steel tubes for the foundations for a new sports pavilion in the Kinsale Road Landfill, Co. Cork. 

Project delivery and innovation

The steel tubular piles were delivered in 13m and 12m lengths.  The 13m length was driven to a depth of approx 11.5m using MIL’s Junttan PM20, leaving approx 1.5, above ground.  The pile head was then prepped and the 12m pile was pitched and clampled in place.  The joints between the two piles were welded by two teams of welders.  

An initial drive analysis was carried out by Lloyd acoustics to test what resistance the piles should encounter to support the required loads.  A blow count was then agreed and all piles were driven until this was reached over three consecutive readings. 

The load bearing capacity of the pile was also tested by Lloyd Acoustics.  This was done using 2 static load tests, using beams and kentledge supplied by MIL, and 10 dynamic tests.  This covered approx 10% of the piles driven.  10% of the welded joints were inspected by an in-house MIL welding inspector using UT testing.  

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