Project outline

This project consists of a 2.1km pipeline and is routed between Hampton Wood Estate and the Ballymun Road (adjacent to the Metro Hotel), in the North Dublin City area. The pipeline is routed through open green areas and carriageways. It will reinforce the supply of natural gas to the local areas.

The project also involves works within the existing Above Ground Installations (AGIs) at Abbottstown and Jamestown Road.

The pipeline is comprised of 200mm (8”) and 250mm (10”) will operate at maximum pressure of 19bar.

The project commenced in May 2014 and will be completed by November 2014.

The pipeline will be underground for its entire length. The depth of the new pipe will be a minimum of 1.2m below existing ground level to the top of the pipe, but may be deeper if necessitated by the presence of existing services or for other technical reasons.

The project is of national strategic importance and will result in reinforcement of the natural gas network in the north Dublin City area to ensure that future demand will be met.

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