What do I do?

My purpose within Murphy is to drive innovation across the business, stimulating behavioural and cultural change so that innovation becomes “business as usual”.

What do I like best about my job?

What I enjoy most is or enabling others to improve how we go to work. Spending a lot of time working with people is really rewarding, and I take a lot of joy in empowering innovators across the business to send in their ideas and take them from a dream to a reality, no matter what the idea is.

A day in the life

07:30 - My day often starts with a coffee. I spend the first part of the day checking through the innovation portal and the Yammer groups to keep up to date with each idea as it progresses and push them forward where I can. I also check on the i3P portal to see some of the other contractor and client innovations across the industry.

09:00 – I spend some time reviewing and producing case studies. These interesting pieces of work capture examples of innovation that are occurring across Murphy.

I enjoy this, as it requires spending time learning about a product, process or service that is unfamiliar to me. There is a lot of interface required with the team involved. I will either call or visit the team to get a deep knowledge of the topic, so we can produce a brilliant case study together.

12:00 – Occasionally, I will go for a walk at lunchtime. I like to get out of the office to clear my head, get some fresh air, and a little exercise. It is also important for my mental health that I maintain a routine that involves exercise.

It is even more important to me over winter when, like most of us that work at Murphy, I get to work in the dark and get home in the dark; it is my only chance in the day to get some sunlight. It is not much, but definitely energises me for the afternoon, and is a chance to get some steps in!

12:30 – Often I am delivering presentations or workshops. These can be internal or external, and cover a broad range of topics. Sometimes, I deliver presentations internally on the innovation foundation at Murphy – and bring people up to speed on the progress of projects and initiatives.

Sometimes I deliver workshops with a mix of Murphy and client teams, to address innovation challenges. I’m often asked to speak at industry events to shine a light on the work we do at Murphy; that could be on Click Shift (circular economy), drones (UAVs), air pollution, or innovation strategy.

14:30 – I spend a little time some afternoons catching up with the innovation champions.

Through skype or a site visit, I like to meet with the team and understand what they are working on, any innovations they have seen or been a part of, and if there is anything I can do to help them drive the innovation agenda.

15:30 – Spend some time working on business cases. Every quarter, the innovation team meets with the Engineering Tomorrow Forum (ETF) to bring ideas from across the business and present them. This involves bringing along the originator to deliver a presentation that is accompanied by a business case.

I spend a lot of time working with the idea originators to produce these business cases. This includes focused workshops, meetings with suppliers, meetings with clients and even universities, to explore the various opportunities within each proposal.

flying drones.

Innovation at Murphy

Our Innovation Foundation stimulates a consistent team-based approach to problem solving that results in clear social, economic and environmental benefits. Innovation allows us to be better, smarter and safer in everything we do. Discover how we are progressing with innovation in the health and safety space.

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