National Rail reconstruction projects

The 1970s also saw the start of the company’s involvement in National Rail reconstruction projects, first with British Rail and continuing today with Network Rail.

Right: Plant and transport yard 

Right: Plant and transport yard.
Right: Plant and transport yard.
Leicester Square pedestrianisation image.
Leicester Square pedestrianisation image.

Building and property development

Building and property development, for both the private and public sectors, became a major part of the business during this period.

Left: Leicester Square pedestrianisation

Collaboration with Thames Water

Murphy established a close working relationship with Thames Water after its creation in 1974. They are a valued client that enjoy a successful business relationship with Murphy to this day.

Right: Bexley Heath Magistrates Court 

Bexley Heath Magistrates Court image.
Bexley Heath Magistrates Court image.
Murphy Headquarters at Highbury Corner, London, in 1970s image.

Murphy Headquarters at Highbury Corner, London, in 1970s

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