Sophie Johnson

Sophie Johnson is an Assistant Project Manager (APM) in our M2 Transportation team on Lot 9 Property Portfolio. We catch up with her about her journey from hairdresser to APM via Australia!

In a nutshell how has your career changed over the years?

Straight from high school I went into a hairdressing apprenticeship. Once I gained my qualifications, I worked in a salon for a few years and then I ran my own mobile hairdressing business for over 10 years.

Although I really enjoyed my time as a hairdresser, I wanted a complete change in career. I applied for the post as receptionist at the Murphy office in Golborne. I got the job and started in the January of 2016. I worked on reception for just over 2 years before applying for the internal role as Document Controller, working on the Structures portfolio in the North.

I worked as Document Controller for 3 years and loved the change. I enjoyed being able to get out and work on site too. I found what we do on site really interesting and was eager to learn more...

At the beginning of last year, the opportunity arose for an Assistant Project Manager’s role within the Lot 9 property’s portfolio in the Midlands. I applied for the role and was successful! Alongside my full-time role as APM I am working towards gaining my NVQ Level 4 in construction and site management.

What advice would you give anybody considering doing something different?

Go for it! I think the beauty about Murphy’s is they are good at investing in their own people, and I have received fantastic support from my colleagues.
I wouldn’t be here now, doing something that I love, without the fantastic opportunities I have been given during my time at Murphy.

What do you enjoy about your Assistant Project Manager role?

I am really enjoying learning new skills. Although I have only been in this role for a few months, I am really starting to progress and have picked up so much in such a short space of time.

I find being involved in the design stages of the projects is interesting. Working closely with the Project Managers, Design Managers and being able to offer input and suggest solutions is going to really help with my learning and progression.

There can be a perception that construction is a dirty and dangerous sector. Has this been your experience? 

No not at all, my experiences of our Murphy sites have been that they are always well presented and tidy. The health and safety of our colleagues is always the primary focus.

Has there been a time when a man has been a positive ally for you in the workplace?

 During my time at Murphy’s, I have encountered many positive male allies, ranging from operatives on site through to senior management and I have always felt equally supported by all. 

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself… 

I took 12 months off work to go travelling in 2011. I went to Australia, all by myself!

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