Where are you normally based?

I work between the Kentish Town head office and Stratford East London (Network Rail offices).

In a nutshell, what do you do at Murphy?

I work on the CP6 framework, looking after Health and Safety Matters but am predominantly driving the sustainability and environmental aspects of the work. I identify environmental risks and then try to find solutions, which will help us deliver world-class infrastructure works whilst ensuring we fulfil our Never Harm value.

What attracted you to the role of an innovation champion?

I wanted to be able to look for innovative solutions, which would help us achieve the objectives and targets set out in our project plans. At the same time, sharing some of my knowledge and experience (some of which was gained the hard way and some not) to help my Murphy family whichever projects they work on.

The network is a friendly one, there’s no judgement and everyone really appreciates your input no matter what that is.

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

I really enjoy sharing what I know, and learning from other people. Quite often we take for granted the experiences we have had, they seem the norm but that’s only the case if everyone has had the same experiences as you. I love seeing the breadth of information we have as a collective.