In a nutshell, what do you do at Murphy?  

I work as a quantity surveyor. My responsibilities cover the management and reporting of cost and value on a project. The role can be quite wide-reaching, but some snapshots include liaising with the project team to ensure our costs are being controlled and forecast correctly, and that any variations to our contract are picked up and recovered from our client. I liaise with subcontractors to ensure they are paid what they are due, including the assessment of their own variation items. I also ensure that we are paid by our client! All this information feeds into our monthly “Contract Report File”, which shows the current position of a project in terms of margin. Dependent on the project, and the project team, these responsibilities may be shared so my focus can shift from project to project. 

What attracted you to working in the construction industry?   

My dad is a builder, so I have a history of working on building sites. It was always satisfying to see the product of a project, even on a small scale. This was one of the main drivers that encouraged me to work within the construction industry. I also like the idea of having a lasting impact on the physical environment. Infrastructure is something which flies under the radar in most people’s lives, but without it society could not function. 

What do you enjoy the most about your role?  

I enjoy the team environment. Everyone on a project is working towards a common goal, which is to complete the project to a high standard and meet our promises to the business in terms of margin. To do this effectively, everyone must work together - quantity surveyors, project managers, planners, the site team etc.  

Even on more difficult projects, it is the team who can make the experience enjoyable. 

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