Introduce us to yourself and your job

Hi, I’m Matt Cross, Head of Procurement; Work Winning and Major Projects. My role is about supporting our bids and projects consistently, at the right time and with the right supply chain partners.

What is the biggest reward of your job?

Being involved in such a variety of project types and working with so many different people from clients, colleagues, and the supply chain. The industry has people who can solve problems, get things done and deliver amazing outcomes which I find really rewarding.  

What initially drew you to Murphy and how has the company helped you progress and develop?

Murphy has a proud history but a clear focus on the future, coupled with values that align with me. I felt it was a business that could offer a suitably challenging next step in my career. I’m only 4 weeks in, but my first impressions make me glad to be here!

On a typical weekend what can we expect you to be doing?

Taking my boys to their clubs and then running, lots! I’m doing a marathon in April. I also enjoy music and get to gigs when I can but equally happy spending an afternoon at home cooking and watching the football.

Tell us about your most memorable holiday?

I was fortunate to spend a few months travelling with my wife Jody many years ago and got to see some amazing places; from a rat temple in India (where they worship the rats!), bungy jumping in New Zealand, seeing sunrise at Machu Picchu, Peru to the casinos of Las Vegas.

Now it’s more likely to be a package holiday to Spain.

What is your proudest achievement?

I’m lucky to have two boys, but I think my proudest achievement was having our second son Ollie while we lived and worked in Australia. A real challenge but a fantastic one. And he definitely has some Tasmanian devil in him.