Introduce us to yourself and your job

My name is Matt Barney and I am the Senior Procurement Manager for the M3 Water Business Unit in the UK.

I’ve been with Murphy for just over 15 months now however my background in Civils & MEICA projects goes back over 25 years.

I work with a dedicated team of eight subcontract and material buyers supporting all of our schemes throughout the UK.

My initial focus has been ensuring we provide a robust and professional service to our operational sites and to integrate with our work-winning and estimating teams. Moving forward I want to enhance the integration of the procurement function into the whole of the M3 business and in doing so increase our focus on supply chain management and supplier relationship management.

What is the biggest reward of your job?

Enabling that extra value add by working and collaborating with the supply chain.

Encouraging and implementing alternative methods of engagement or different ways of working that maybe hadn’t been considered before which improve our margin or help us to manage risk more equitably. Particularly if this leads to long term and programme level relationships!

Why do you like working at Murphy?

The business has a great culture and a family feel to it. We focus on the right things and put people, communities and the environment at the forefront of everything we do.

It’s important to me to be part of a team with strong moral values and a company that understands the importance of work – life balance and puts a strong emphasis on peoples wellbeing.

What is your proudest achievement?

I was lucky enough to be sponsored through a DMS and MBA course in 2010. This was a huge challenge and involved some very focused time management. The benefits however have been fantastic for me, the combination of academic study and work based learning has provided me with the tools and confidence to look at problems from a different perspective.

On a typical weekend, what can we expect you to be doing?

Simple – family and sport (watching sport – rather than playing!).

My family are all local so weekends are the perfect time to spend time with them.

Sport – I’m a big fan of watching live sport. Rugby, football and cricket especially. The atmosphere at large sporting events always amazes me.

Tell us about your most memorable holiday...

Family time and relaxing holidays have become very important to me in recent years as they provide an opportunity to recharge and reflect. I have a real love for Italy, the culture, history, landscapes and food are amazing. We were lucky enough to holiday in the Italian Lakes a few years ago, a truly wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone.