Introduce us to yourself and your job?

I’m Jason Chadwick, Head of Procurement, I’ve worked for Murphy 15 years, in that time I’ve worked across the some of the largest projects undertaken by Murphy, and even lead the Procurement Function.

What is the biggest reward of your job?

The biggest reward for me personally, is knowing I’m making a difference, not just to Projects or Business but to People.

What initially drew you to Murphy and how has the company helped you progress and develop?

When I started my career in Procurement I’d always worked for medium size business, and my background was Water, Utilities, Civils, Plant and Fleet (Capex / Hire), Murphy’s was an opportunity for me to develop my portfolio further in to Power, Gas and Rail and now nuclear. Over the last 15 years I’ve achieved MCIPS, ILM qualifications, As part of the original future leaders program I was part of the first cohort for the then Leadership Development Program, and then onto the Ashridge School of Business, all of which along with a few bumps in the road and made me who I am today.

On a typical weekend what can we expect you to be doing?

Typical weekend would involve the usual rock and roll life style of a parent and home owner, apart for DIY, Dad’s taxi and the big shop, my wife and I enjoy walking in and around the Pennines were we live, which usually involves a spot of lunch and a cheeky pint.

Tell us about your most memorable holiday?

I count myself luck to have seen the number of places I’ve been on Holiday. Holidays with the hole family when our kids were younger are always memorable, especially as they no longer come with us. In terms of most recent, probably the Cruise around Italy with a week in Sorrento, for the cities, sights and the history, not to forget the food was incredible.

What is your proudest achievement?

I have to mention my kids, they’ve grown into 3 fantastic caring adults (mainly down to Julie) I can take some of credit all be it small, I’ve been married 25 years this year, which is something to be proud of. My career at Murphy is also something to be very proud of in what I have achieved and learnt both through learning and the people I have worked with and the people I continue to work with.