I’m Emily Moore, I am an Apprentice Quantity Surveyor working in the Natural Resources and Power sector.  I have been with Murphy now for around 6 months.
Why did you choose to take on an apprenticeship at Murphy?

I decided to do a degree apprenticeship as personally I am more of a practical learner and with an apprenticeship you can gain work experience which really helps your studies. The apprenticeship also helps develop your communication skills and independent working in a professional company.

What has your highlight been so far?
I have really enjoyed learning new skills and finding out how the company work as a unit. My team have been very welcoming and are always very supportive as it can take time to digest all the information.
What support do you get from Murphy?

There are many support systems in the Murphy community and always someone to talk to. During this pandemic it has been a little tough to learn new things however my manager checks in on me regularly and is always free to answer my questions. Luckily there is another apprentice in my team who is a year above, and he is a good person to go to whenever I have a question. 

What are you most looking forward to once you complete your apprenticeship?

Once I complete my apprenticeship, I am looking forward to having the ability to complete my own projects, as well as being able to grow and develop within the company gaining confidence as a qualified Quantity Surveyor.

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