I am Emilee Mayes, 19 years old and I work for Murphy Plant Ltd at the Ollerton depot. I work in the Plant and Transport office and am in the process of completing a Business Administration Level 3 apprenticeship. I love my job and don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner!

When I left school, I started an apprenticeship at Rufford Abbey Country Park in customer service then went to work in part-time jobs that I really didn’t enjoy.

What I love about working at Murphy?

I live in Ollerton which makes working at Murphy so convenient, it’s great! I felt like I fitted in on my first day and that is what I always wanted. I was worried before I started but now see I had nothing to be worried about. I finally feel part of a team and I couldn’t have imagined for it to go any better.

I do not think I would have done it without the support of my team members. We are all one big, positive team, and everyone supports each other, but you can work independently and still get support if you need it. I now have a lot more confidence. It’s so exciting!

Why did I choose to take on an apprenticeship?

I want to get as much training and qualifications as I can so I can be the best I can be. I love the idea of working and studying at the same time! It gives me the chance to put the things I’m learning into practice which means I can get the best grade I can. I love that I can get qualifications out of this as well as getting paid. I think this is great for young people who want to work, learn and earn money at the same time. This is ideal for me because I have my own flat and I must pay bills. I could never afford to do so with a part-time job or full-time education.

I chose to do an apprenticeship at Murphy because I have only ever heard positive things about Murphy. When I found out there was an administration job role going, I was over the moon! I have always wanted to work in construction, but I could never pursue my dream because unfortunately I never passed my GCSE Maths at secondary school. It is great that I can work for Murphy and still complete my qualification in Maths. I really couldn’t have wished for any better.

I didn’t think I could achieve something like working for Murphy. I have completed a Mental Health training course and had to travel to London for it. I could never have imagined myself travelling on my own, but I did. I am so proud of myself and each day my confidence just keeps growing. I am learning new skills every day and I feel this is an outstanding achievement for me.

When my apprenticeship comes to an end, I really do hope that Murphy keeps me on as an employee. I don’t want to leave! I would have completed my business level 3 and would have achieved all my goals and I want to carry on putting them to good use while working here.