What do you do at Murphy?

Since I’ve started working at Murphy International Steel Fabrication Unit in Ireland, I’ve been working under experienced Structural Steel Fabricators to learn the skills of the trade. I’ve learned how to use the tools and machinery necessary for the job, such as; saw, metal worker, welder, grinder, gas cutting torch, gantry and forklift.

Why did you consider an apprenticeship at Murphy?

Before I started here, I went to an Apprenticeship exhibition in Dublin, where I got talking to a previous Murphy apprentice who recently finished serving his time. He told me about Murphy International and what they do. When I got home that evening, I researched Murphy International to find out more information about the work they do. I was surprised by the sheer scale and the broad work they undertake. I quickly decided it would be a great place to get an apprenticeship.

Have you been involved in training?

I have been involved in plenty of training programmes since I started. These include MIG welding, stick welding, forklift, gantry, manuel handling and abrasive wheel training. I’ve also been taught other skills and techniques from other experienced fabricators. I’ve learned how to read drawings and which tools to use for which job.

What do you like best about your job?

I like getting involved in the early stages of fabrication and helping out as best I can. Each day brings a new challenge as every day is different. I enjoy reading the drawings and marking out under watchful eyes and seeing the work come together as a completed piece.

What attracted you to working in the construction industry in the first place?

I’ve always liked working with my hands and have a strong interest in fitting and welding. The idea of working with steel and completing projects such as a pedestrian foot-bridges and structural projects fills me with an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment.

Do you have any recommendations for someone looking to be an apprentice?
  • Take as much advice from more experienced fabricators as possible.
  • Ask as many questions as you can.
  • Watch other experienced people work and learn from it.
  • And always do your work safely.

Apprenticeships at Murphy

You’re the future of the Murphy world: the new starters who’ll one day grow to be our experts and our leaders. And because we need talent like that across our business, we run two different apprenticeship schemes: our degree apprenticeship and our trades apprenticeship.

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