Since February 2019, Callum Taylor has been working alongside our Repair & Maintenance and Developer Services North London (DS NL) teams. He has recently become a valuable member of the DS NL team and his main roles include setting up a safely guarded site and ensuring the relevant equipment is used to make the final connection to a customer’s supply.

Before joining our team Callum studied for a level 1 NVQ in Electrical Installation at Westminster Kingsway College and then went on to become a labourer for a year. His father informed him of an apprenticeship position within Murphy, which Callum believed was the perfect opportunity for him to learn a new skill and develop within a progressive profession. What attracted Callum to the role was the ability to learn and progress into a trade.

Callum believes that the training made available since his apprenticeship began has been “amazing as you are able to implement what you learn at college into practice on-site”. Our apprentices like Callum have the opportunity to gain experience from a variety of operatives. They are able to teach them different skills and subsequently, they can decide the career path which is right for them.

We look forward to seeing the rest of Callum’s progression as he spends the remainder of the year on-site with our teams, which will contribute towards the completion of his two-year apprenticeship with us.

“It is great to see how Callum is enjoying his time out on the field and has now progressed to the point where he is being given weekend work that can sometimes be more challenging”.

Ben Wright, Operations Performance Manager

Callum has been lucky enough to work for both R&M and DS but has now found his footing working within the DS team.