Brendan Love

My name is Brendan Love and I'm currently doing a Groundworker Apprenticeship which I am really enjoying.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

I chose this apprenticeship because I looked into ground working and what it entails and from that I was eager to get stuck into the work and learn everything about it. I was also keen to develop my skills, which Murphy does really well as they put you through many courses to make sure you’re competent and developing each week. I can't thank the company enough as a whole and my manager for putting me on these courses, because I feel my skills are showing when working on site already and I’m feeling more and more confident each day.

What do you enjoy about the apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship is great, I travel to the training centre for four days each month, where we have to give evidence showing the work we’ve been doing on site through an online portfolio. This could be a quick 1-minute video of what you’re doing. When doing practical work at the training centre you go to a big site to train on work such as drainage, concreting and flagging. At the end of the apprenticeship these skills will be tested by examiners and marked.

What is it like to be an apprentice at Murphy?

Being on a Murphy apprenticeship is one of the best things I have experienced. From the welcome I got when joining, not just from my manager but the team on the site and my new site team as well, but also the experience you get when working on site and all the training you get from Murphy is exceptional and helps a lot. I've already been involved in lots of work on site from working with concrete to doing trial holes finding services underground.

Overall, from my experience with Murphy I couldn't recommend them enough to someone!

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