My name is Brad Halliday, I'm an Apprentice Electrician currently working on Huddersfield ERF (Energy Recycling Facility) water treatment works. I have been working for Murphy since September 2019.
Why did you choose to take on an apprenticeship at Murphy?

I chose to pursue a career with Murphy as it seemed like a stable company with lots of loyal employees who stay there for a very long time. It looked like a great place to start my career as an electrician.

What has your highlight been so far?

I would say being part of such a big project as my first project for Murphy has been a great way to learn and my line manager has put a lot of trust in me to try things and I’ve learnt a lot on site.

What support do you get from Murphy?
I get a lot of support from my line manager and supervisors, they teach me a lot and more importantly let me know how the company works. It has been a big help in getting to grips with how Murphy operates. 
What are you most looking forward to once you complete your apprenticeship?
Once I finish my apprenticeship, I’m looking forward to gaining lots of experience on many different sites and looking into possible career ventures across the company.

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