​​​​​​​I am a Buyer in Central Procurement and I am on a funded apprenticeship working towards my CIPS qualifications. I recently reached my 20-year service with Murphy and became a member of the procurement team four years ago.

Why did you choose to take on an apprenticeship at Murphy?

When I was offered the chance to do an apprenticeship it was an easy choice to make. It allows me to learn in depth about this profession with the added bonus of becoming qualified. I can bring my skills and experience into the classroom and apply the teachings to my role at Murphy. Studying alongside my day job also allows me to remain focused on my long-term goals.

What has your highlight been so far?

​​​​​​​I passed my Level 4 CIPS Diploma and I’m now working on my project to complete my first year. I have the unique opportunity to study for the apprenticeship alongside other procurement professionals within the department and from other professions in the local area which broadens my knowledge and networks.

What support do you get from Murphy?

I have full support from my team and Senior Leadership Team. They support me when I don’t understand and celebrate when I pass. Working on an apprenticeship needs time and commitment. My team not only understand this but encourage me to take the time I need for projects and study.

​​​​​​​What are you most looking forward to once you complete your apprenticeship?

Every day is different and learning through my studies will help me excel in my career and progress up the ladder. I am not saying I want to rule the world, but I would like to assist in the purchasing to make it happen!

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