What’s your name and what’s your role?
My name's Adam Gillmon and I’m an Apprentice Quantity Surveyor working in M2 Transportation (Rail).

What made you decide to take on an apprenticeship?
The reason I decided to go down the apprenticeship route rather than full time University was the fact that I could gain crucial experience and on the job knowledge whilst also studying for a degree part-time. I also felt that what I was learning at work could relate to what I was learning at University, helping me with my degree. So, the apprenticeship route for me was a win-win.

What sort of tasks does your role involve?
The tasks that my role involves can vary on a weekly basis, this can include managing the costs hitting a project through to the weekly cost trackers, working with client and subcontract applications, making sure we get paid correctly. Also helping to get subcontractors set up on site through subcontract approval forms and assisting with any other commercial tasks the QS’s may need doing.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced whilst working for Murphy?
Probably the biggest challenge I have faced so far is Covid-19 and the impact it has created. As an apprentice I think it’s very useful to be able to shadow people to learn how to do a task, but with Covid it’s made this more challenging to do. However, systems such as Microsoft Teams has made this transition a lot easier.

So far, what have you enjoyed most about your job?
The thing I have enjoyed most is the people I’ve worked with; joining a new industry and job can be quite daunting but everyone’s made me feel so welcome and have answered any questions I’ve had. I also love the variety the job entails, whether it be going out to different sites and seeing how the work we do in the office impacts things on site, to meeting with clients in commercial meetings. Every day is different and brings its own challenges.

Has Covid-19 impacted your mental health, and if so, what are you doing to keep balance in your life?
Covid-19 for me has affected my mental health in both positive and negative ways. At first, I enjoyed how life slowed and I could concentrate on things I wouldn’t have done before. But as time went on it was tough not being able to see family and friends, also having no sport to watch or play started having a more negative effect on my mental health. The way I’m keeping my life in balance is doing some sort of exercise every day, after I’ve done some exercise my mental health feels more positive and I gain a sense of achievement!

Would you recommend a career at Murphy to any potential employees reading this?
I would definitely recommend a career at Murphy - the people are amazing, and we’re involved in some exciting and interesting projects! For apprentices and graduates the quality of training Murphy provides is second to none, and you feel part of a team trying to achieve something special.​​​​​​​

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