Our safety culture is driven by our never harm value - we protect people, the environment and communities, no matter where we are or what we are doing.   

We don’t just measure safety by the lack of accidents but also by proactive actions we take every day to prevent any incidents. Our supply chain partners are expected to follow our high standards of health and safety to protect our people, our communities and our environment. Please follow our simple actions.

Please make sure that you talk to your project management team in the first instance, to understand the controls in place on site. Some measures your teams will be expected to follow are:  

  • Complete the covid-19 induction before arrival  
  • Everyone should have a site induction before entry to a site
  • Your teams should have the right training and competency to operate plant and undertake their works
  • Follow the controls identified within your risk assessments and method statement, and don’t deviate from these.
  • Report any near misses or accidents to the Site Manager on the project 
  • We have an NCR (non-conformance reporting) system in place. You may be contacted by one of our Quality managers if an NCR is raised to understand how we can continually improve
  • Work with our project teams to protect the environment – through reuse, recycling, reduction and more
  • Reverse park vehicles at all times

Murphy lorry at pride event.

Equality, diversity & inclusion

We believe in equal opportunity and the value of being inclusive. 

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